Who doesn't want a healthier life, more love and a deeper spiritual connection. Today's conversation with Leinada and Aaron Smith will open the doors to what might be holding you back from getting what you want or even knowing what you want in eating better and nurturing your spiritual and love life. Leinada and Aaron share their tools, truth and advice -  as we deepen our relationships with food, spirit and our loved ones we understand how we can create more love, have better health and be happier on the relationships we choose to be in.

Aaron Smith is the CEO and founder W.H.O.L.E Ministries in affiliation with 3Piece Motivation, a company that strives on enhancing the quality of life through inspirational speaking and life coaching programs. He is a loving husband, a father of four beautiful children and a God-fearing gentleman. He practices  Respiratory Therapy by profession & is the Manager of the department of Respiratory Therapy at a local hospital. 

Leinada Smith, wife of Aaron Smith is the Founder of Lassarets Creations under W.H.O.L.E Ministries. She is an innovator, chef, mother of four beautiful children and a wife she refers to as "the most loving and supportive husband." Leinada is grateful that God has allowed her to fulfill her purpose in the art of cooking and a variety of incentives. She decided to put aside her occupation as a Respiratory Therapist and become a full time stay at home mom & a home school mom; as well indulge herself in her true passion of showing her love through cooking. 


Find Leinada on Instagram: @lassaretscreations and Aaron @3piecemotivation

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Love you Beautiful Souls!

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