It is so important that you choose your calling carefully. Your health and wellness depends on so many factors of your life your career is one that plays a huge role in your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being. I invite you to choose your career right, choose a career that makes the best possible use of who YOU are as a person. Allow your career to be something you are good at and contributing to others in a meaningful way.

On this episode, I share with you Jefyne Togba! She is a business coach, growth strategist, and small business enthusiast. Over the last decade Jefyne has coached, taught, and trained hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs how to accelerate their entrepreneurship journey by teaching them how to build businesses that are simple, scale able and profitable. 

Jefyne is  the co-founder of The Vantage Group Inc., a growth strategy consultancy firm and the founder of The Booked and Busy Academy, an digital educational platform for start-ups. 
Here are the links to the free Business Ideas resource Jefyne mentioned on this episode!
Find Jefyne on Instagram: @jefyne

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