Setting boundaries requires us to step out of of our established ways of relating to people and take what feels like bold action. If you struggled or are still struggling with people-pleasing habits like I did, you understand the importance of consistently reminding yourself the need for for courageously stepping into the discomfort of asserting what you need and what you will not tolerate. 

In this podcast episode I share with you the phrases that helped me say no to things that did not serve me. So much of boundary setting, stepping into your authenticity and your worth is being consistent and predictable with stating your needs. Saying the phrases you came up with that clearly inform others that they are crossing boundaries over and over again and then backing them up with resolute action if they're not being respected.  It is about quieting the inner voice that says "Am I being too much?", "Is this okay?" and your listening to your needs and wants.   

What are the phrases you came up with to help you reduce your people-pleasing habits and setting your boundaries? I would love to hear them!

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Love you Beautiful Souls!

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